Conference Proceedings

Note: My publications are either under Aziz, O. A. or Oubeidillah, A.


Aziz, O.A.,G.A. Tootle, T.C. Piechota and Cody Moser 2010. 2009-2010 El-Niño: Predicted Hydrologic Response in the United States. Proceedings of the ASCE-EWRI 2010 Congress, May 16-20, Providence, Rhode Island.

Moser, C., O.A. Aziz, G. Tootle, V. Lakshmi and G. Kerr, 2009. A Comparison of SNOTEL and AMSR-E Snow Water Equivalent Datasets in Western U.S. Watersheds. Proceedings of  the Third International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data (SensorKDD-2009), June 28, 2009, Paris, France.

Aziz, O.A. and G. Tootle, 2009. Paleo Pacific Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Variability and Upper Colorado River Basin Streamflow. Proceedings of the ASCE World Water & Environmental Resources Congress 2009, May 17-22, 2009, Kansas City, Missouri.  

Stephen, H., G. Tootle, C. Moser and O. A. Aziz, 2009. Weather Modification and Climate Variability Impacts on Streamflow. Proceedings of the American Water Resources Association 2009 Spring Specialty Conference, May 4-6, 2009. Anchorage, Alaska.